Current Discounts!

Hi There! If you are reading this, you are looking for more information about our current discounts/promotions! 

Mini Engagement Session Giveaway
Details here!

Planner Discount
No Expiration! We first started offering the discount in 2018 when we noticed that weddings where we worked with a licensed, insured, independent wedding planner or coordinator were more efficient, more relaxed and more fun! Basically, working with a wedding planner is the best thing you can do for your wedding! They are 300% worth every penny they charge and will not only help you to have a relaxed and fun wedding day, but they will provide support in ways you didn’t even know you needed. They will also ultimately save you money as they help negotiate all the tricky ins and outs of planning a huge event like a wedding. SO! If you hire a licensed, insured, independent (NOT working for your venue) wedding planner or coordinator for your wedding day, we offer a $100 discount! Your planner’s name, company name and contact info must be provided and their hired status verified before the discount is applied. To see a list of our favorite wedding planners, check out here!

Dream Venue Discount 

No expiration, but when a venue is booked it is crossed off the list! For the list and more details, see this link!

The best part: both of these discounts CAN be combined! Cheers to that!


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