Light at Beach Photo Sessions

Unless you have a cloudy day, you might have noticed light is very bright at the beach! The purpose of this post is to show our editing style for beach pictures in bright late afternoon daylight all the way to golden hour at sunset, and showcase how we embrace the light in our pictures. Our style of bright, creamy and soft light may not be to everyone's tastes so we like to make sure that our lovely clients have seen our beach photos previous to their session and also share our love for embracing the bright and golden light in photos. Photos at the beginning of this post start at 2 hours before sunset and occasionally have rocks or cliffs that provide some shade or have the sun peeking out from behind them. As the photos go on and time continues towards sunset, you'll see the light become more golden and soft. This doesn't mean that the photos are soft/out of focus, it just means that the light filters into the lens in such a way that it can sometimes cause areas to become blown out with bright sunlight. We work hard to make sure all the photos we provide to you are in focus :)

Click any image to launch a larger viewing window.


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