4 Reasons Why You Should Do An Engagement Session!

01. It’s a great way for us to get to know one another! Some people might think the most important reason take engagement photos is well, the photos! But actually, I think the number one reason is for us all to get better acquainted! Go with me here— your wedding day is one of the biggest milestones of your life. Are you totally comfortable with people that met once for coffee (or over video!) showing up on your wedding day and directing you through one of the biggest days in your life? Our goal is to build meaningful relationships with our clients that help us all stay calm and comfortable throughout the wedding day! This ability is amplified by 100 when we get to do an engagement session. Additionally, sometimes one partner has spent months or years following a certain photographer on social media and feels really comfortable with them, but the other partner has not. The engagement session is particularly important for helping them feel comfortable on the wedding day. Most of the time, after an engagement session, couples will says something like, “That wasn’t as hard as I thought!” or “That was actually really fun!"  That translates over to the wedding day and makes the whole day flow because there is a new level of trust and familiarity with the process. That is priceless.

02. Get experience in front of the camera.  99.9% of our couples are NOT professional models. This is such a great time to get used to posing for the camera in a more relaxed environment and learning how we will make you more at ease throughout the process. The wedding day carries a little more pressure, and it is so great to get these jitters out before that day and with the photographer that will be there on the wedding day! You might have done photos with another photographer at some point, which is great! But doing photos with the photographers that will be there for you on your day is so wonderful for us both!

03. IT IS FUN! Or it should be! We will choose a location that you love, you are in clothes that are comfortable, you feel beautiful (because you got your hair and makeup done) and you get to spend 1-2 hours loving on your future spouse.  And then it is a great excuse for a fun date night!

04. You get beautiful pictures.  We are old. Well, not really, but we’ve been married for almost 10 years and we have been though a lot over the years.  So we can look back on our engagement session and see how fleeting this engagement season is. Capture it! After this you will go into married life, real life (which is wonderful too), possibly raising kids (which is wonderful too) and it will never be just like this again. You will love these pictures! You will also have images for your Save The Dates, Sign-In Books, Facebook profile pictures, Engagement Albums and/or reception decor and be able to share your joy with those who love you so very much!


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