Photo Timing for Elopements/Mini Weddings

Here is how the photo timing breaks down for mini weddings/elopements!

Ceremony — 20-30 minutes

Typically for mini weddings or elopements, the first thing I will cover will be the ceremony. I show up a bit early to capture the details, set up and decor and then timing here totally depends on what type of ceremony you want to have! Non-religious, simple ceremonies are typically 20 minutes tops (even if you write your own vows!) whereas church weddings or Catholic Mass ceremonies are a full 60 minutes. 

Family Photos — 30 Minutes

The timing here depends on the size of your family and guest count! We kindly ask that you restrict family photos to immediate family (grandparents, parents and siblings) but sometimes you have mixed families, divorces, re-marriages, half siblings and siblings with significant others and kids. Oh my! We will either interview you about your specific family needs or request you fill out our family information form and then we can build your custom shot list for your approval. With a group under 25 (the maximum guest count to qualify for the mini wedding/elopement package) family and guest photos go fairly quickly!

Newlywed Photos — 45-60 Minutes

We will cover individual portraits, details of your attire and personal florals, and photos of you two together. If you decide to do an engagement session you will be more comfortable and loose in front of the camera and the process should flow more naturally. But if you never did an engagement session, it helps to have a bit more time to allow you to relax and capture candid moments. Typically we capture a few looking at the camera shots (trust me, the older folks love them!) but usually we focus on creating natural candid moments of talking, laughing, walking and just being together in a way that shows off your love for one another. 

That Last Hour of Coverage!

Provided you have a non-religious simple ceremony, the coverage breakdowns listed above covers only two hours. The remaining hour of coverage included in the package can be used in several different ways! I can arrive early to get the dress, rings and personal details as well as getting dressed photos! Or that time can be eaten up by travel if the ceremony and photo locations are in separate spots. Or finally, that last hour can be applied to covering some candids at your mini reception. Totally up to you to decide! :)


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