Value and Importance of a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is THE BEST THING you can do for your wedding!

We first started offering a discount last year when we noticed that weddings where we worked with a wedding planner or coordinator were more efficient, relaxed and fun!

Note that by “wedding planner/coordinator,” we mean someone that works for themselves or an independent company. A venue coordinator is great, but ultimately they work for the venue and are looking out for the venue’s best interests. A wedding coordinator will always be looking out for YOUR best interests. Please see this article for more about the huge difference between the two!

1. Planners are your advocate!

Wedding planners have amazing and reliable vendors they can recommend and will know who will work well together and keep your best interests at heart. They will recommend pros who will mesh well with your personality, budget, and style.
As your wedding day approaches, your planner will begin to pull together all of your logistics. They will be the point of contact for your team, which will allow you to focus on enjoying the final weeks of your engagement. On your wedding day, your planner will know every last detail about your day, and they will be ready and waiting to put everything into motion. They will allow you to enjoy your day and not have to handle all the last minute questions that will be coming your way. They will act as a buffer between you and your guests, family and vendors so that you can enjoy the process. On the day they will put out fires for you: what happens if the cake doesn't show up, or the gate is locked at the venue? They will handle all those details for you and sometimes you won't even be aware of them until after the fact. 
You will be able to feel the difference when working with a planner. Your stress level will be lower, you will make better, clearer decisions because you have a guide you trust, and you will enjoy your wedding day rather than just living it.
2. But remember, every planner is unique!
Just like you and your fiancé, every wedding planner has a distinct personality. Do your research online and in person (if possible!) to make sure you jive well with a potential planner!
No matter if you decide to work with a planner from the beginning of your engagement or you make a decision two months before your wedding to hire planner for wedding management you need to make sure you truly like (if not love) your planner. I say this because your wedding planner will likely start to feel like a friend and close confidant. They are going to ask you so many valuable questions, and your planner will also be with you for (almost) your entire wedding day. So before you hire a planner, ask yourself if you want to spend a lot of time with that person.
If you’re shy, working with a wedding planner with a strong and bold personality may not suit you best. If you’re sarcastic, make sure your wedding planner has a sense of humor too. Just like finding friends, it’s important to mesh well with your pros. If you feel like a planner is a great choice or not quite right, listen to your gut.
3. Finally, there is no such thing as "day-of" coordination.
Just like unicorns, "day-of coordination" does not exist. Want to know why? Hear it straight from one of my preferred planners:

"To be completely frank here, experienced and professional wedding planning companies no longer offer day-of coordination because “day-of” help does not exist. The ultimate goal of a wedding planner is to make sure that your event day is successful and runs smoothly. The outdated concept of day-of has been replaced with what we call, wedding management. With wedding management, your planner starts to work with you up to three months before your wedding date. This allows time for your planner to review contracts, walk the venue and map out logistics – carefully paying attention to potentially missed details. In the long run, this allows a planner to best execute coordination on the wedding day, where coming in at the last second (let’s say a few weeks to a few days before your date) does not allow your planner to catch missed details, which could become a huge issue for the overall smoothness/success of the event.   Long story short, a true day-of coordination experience is like being thrown into an environment where you have little control, where you will be putting out small and large fires all day, to the best of your ability. Wedding management prevents these fires from ever happening. You may be able to find a coordinator willing to sell you day-of coordination services for a budget-friendly cost, but it will be at the sacrifice of your event’s overall success. We are not willing to sacrifice that success." - P.S. & Associates Event Planning

Because of this, expect to make an investment in your planner, I promise they will be worth it!
Wedding planners will provide support in ways you didn’t even know you needed.  In the end, they will save you money as they help negotiate all the tricky ins and outs of planning a huge event like a wedding.

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For more specifics about the discount we offer, see this post!

Special Requirement: Backyard Weddings!

We love backyard weddings! Exceptions to this policy are made on a case by case basis and will require an additional fee. However, if we are going to photograph a backyard wedding with more than 25 guests, our policy is that our clients must hire a coordinator/planner. The main reason is that it is almost impossible to host an event at a private residence while properly focusing on what really matters on that day: getting married and being the stars of the show! There are many things that go into planning and hosting a large event like a wedding. Things will change, go wrong, and need extra assistance/expertise, and you will not want to be putting out those fires yourself! Our past experiences have shown that if there is no coordinator present, we end up having to take on this role in addition to photographing your big day. This ultimately takes away time from our primary job: taking amazing photos! Additionally, we can’t be in multiple places at once, so if something important needs to be set up, torn down or taken care of while we are taking photos, you want to make sure you are in capable hands of a professional planner/coordinator who can take care of all these details. That way, we can focus on our job, and you can focus on enjoying your wedding!

Exceptions to this policy are made on a case by case basis and will require an additional fee.


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