Value and Importance of a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is THE BEST THING you can do for your wedding!

We first started offering a discount last year when we noticed that weddings where we worked with a wedding planner or coordinator were more efficient, relaxed and fun!

Note that by “wedding planner/coordinator,” we mean someone that works for themselves or an independent company. A venue coordinator is great, but ultimately they work for the venue and are looking out for the venue’s best interests. A wedding coordinator will always be looking out for YOUR best interests. Please see this article for more about the huge difference between the two!

Holly at Anything But Gray Events
Wedding planners are 300% worth every penny they charge and will not only help you to have a relaxed and fun wedding day, but they will provide support in ways you didn’t even know you needed.  In the end, they will save you money as they help negotiate all the tricky ins and outs of planning a huge event like a wedding.

For more specifics about the discount we offer, see this post!

Special Requirement: Backyard Weddings!

We love backyard weddings! Exceptions to this policy are made on a case by case basis and will require an additional fee. However, if we are going to photograph a backyard wedding with more than 25 guests, our policy is that our clients must hire a coordinator/planner. The main reason is that it is almost impossible to host an event at a private residence while properly focusing on what really matters on that day: getting married and being the stars of the show! There are many things that go into planning and hosting a large event like a wedding. Things will change, go wrong, and need extra assistance/expertise, and you will not want to be putting out those fires yourself! Our past experiences have shown that if there is no coordinator present, we end up having to take on this role in addition to photographing your big day. This ultimately takes away time from our primary job: taking amazing photos! Additionally, we can’t be in multiple places at once, so if something important needs to be set up, torn down or taken care of while we are taking photos, you want to make sure you are in capable hands of a professional planner/coordinator who can take care of all these details. That way, we can focus on our job, and you can focus on enjoying your wedding!

Exceptions to this policy are made on a case by case basis and will require an additional fee.


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