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Invitation Suite :::: Chelsea & Michael


Invitation :::: Kesha and Gary

Kesha already had invites designed, but was heartbroken when she saw the final result of what was designed for her. So, is desperation, she searched Craigslist and found me!!!
Here is her new improved invite design.

I am so glad I could help her out!!

Joy and Invitations

My best friend Laurel just got engaged!!!!! I am so excited!!!

So although I won't be able to shoot this wedding (since I will be in it!) I am going to design the wedding stationary and invitations which is something I have done for two of my friends previously. I also created my own invites, using a combination of rubber stamps and printed design. It is really a joy to be able to take the bride's vision for shapes and colors and create a beautiful invite. I am excited to get started! :)