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Nicki & Mike :: 9-15-12 :: Wedding in Long Beach

It is rare to find a couple in their mid-40s who have never been married before, but this is just one of the ways Nicki and Mike are a special couple! For example, on their first date, instead of going to get coffee like everyone does on a first date, they decided to get soup! So now for every anniversary, they celebrate with soup. :) This wedding was very unique because it was....on the water! They got married on gondolas in the Long Beach/Naples harbor at Gondola Getaway and then had their reception at Alfredo's just next door on the beach. It was such a wonderful night celebrating their love for one another in very personal and special ways. Mike, who is a musician, had never played for Nicki before and wrote a song for her that he performed at the reception. He sang, "We're gonna get married and we're gonna be happy!" Her joyful face was beyond words. Nicki is an art director, so she worked on all the stationery: the invitations, signs, gondola tickets and fa…