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Where should we get ready on our wedding day?

Choosing a getting ready location for your wedding day is honestly the next most important decision you make after your venue! Where you get ready is where all your detail photos are going to take place, where you will be putting on your dress (or suit), and where you might get your first portraits done as a bride or groom so it is really important to do your homework and select this location with care because it sets the tone for the rest of the day. But what are you supposed to look for when choosing a getting ready location for your wedding day? Here are some tips for finding that perfect location!

Tip #1- Where to look? Venue vs. Hotel vs. Airbnb? Many venues have gorgeous bridal suites to get ready in, but for those that have you getting ready in a dark, windowless room, there are much better options out there! Hotels can sometimes be a great alternative if you book something expensive or boutique, but even then, it's possible your photos will still look like they were shot in a…