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Kristin & Cory :::: Engagement Session at Neff Park

Kristin and Cory are such an incredibly sweet and generous couple. They both attended Biola University at the same time as Tim and I, and like us, they did not meet until after they had both graduated. The week before Cory proposed earlier this year in April, he declared it "Kristin Appreciation Week" and would surprise her each day with notes, flowers and/or coffee left on her car for her to find before leaving for work in the morning. She started to get an inkling of what was to come.... At the end of this week, after a full day spent at Crystal Cove and surrounding areas, they went for a hike in the Sierra Madre and dug up a box that Cory had secretly buried under the pretense of GeoCaching. In the box was a note that Cory read to Kristin before he pulled the ring from his pocket and asked her to marry him. We met at Neff Park, which is close to Biola and contains several historical buildings, including a barn. We brought along a surprise of a pack of polaroids, which we …

Brieanna & Sam :: Maternity Session :: Griffith Observatory & Park

Brieanna and Sam are friends of mine from college, and I was delighted when they asked me to do their maternity photos. It was so awesome to watch their faces light up as they spoke with great excitement about the imminent arrival of their little boy, Evan James. Brieanna and Sam have a couple of special places around LA where they like to go to enjoy and reflect on their surroundings, so we traveled around to each different spot to take photos. We started out at the Griffith Observatory, which has incredible views of the mountains and the whole of Los Angeles. Despite being very crowded, the observatory is a peaceful place with a calming effect. Brieanna and Sam brought along a couple of special things to their session including a little bunny that Brieanna originally bought as a gift but decided to keep for Evan, and a whimsical and colorful record called The Point, which they both love. Next, we traveled down the hill to Fern Dell park, a place where Brieanna will "hike" …