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Shaina & Aaron :: 5-3-2015 :: Wedding in Huntington Beach

Shaina and Aaron are such sweeties! We started out their breezy wedding day at The Hilton right on the beach in Huntington Beach where both Shaina and Aaron were getting ready with their bridesmaids, groomsmen and families. It was a flurry of activity in the bride's suite with Shaina's 9 bridesmaids, 5 flower girls, Aaron's daughter Lily and their families all getting ready in a small space! It was so fun and energetic, if a bit chaotic ;) After everyone was ready to go, Shaina's girls helped her get into her gorgeous dress, veil and garter. Shaina wore her grandmother's jewelry that her mother wore on her wedding day, such a lovely heirloom tradition! There was a gorgeous park adjacent to their venue, the Newland Barn, so after everyone was ready we want and took some photos of the groom, groomsmen, bride, bridesmaids, Lily and flower girls, keeping care to make sure Shaina and Aaron didn't see each other before the ceremony. After those portraits were done, w…