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Rayesha & Donoven :: 8/30/2020 :: Micro Wedding in LA

Back in May, we partnered with an amazing team of vendors to create mini wedding for a couple whose plans had been ruined by the pandemic. After receiving 20 entries and going through each one carefully, Rayesha and Donoven were our lucky winners! Here are Rayesha's words from our entry form process describing their relationship and the way that 2020 has impacted them:"Donoven and I met 12 almost 13 years ago in July at my cousins baby shower. We didn't start dating until 7 years ago 8/30/20 will be our 7year anniversary. We have an adventurous relationship, skydiving, hiking, camping, we love to try new foods cooking or dining out and spend a lot of time with our families. Donoven wanted to do a big proposal with all the bells and whistles, but listened to my not so subtle hints about having my family there. He and my futurw stepdaughter Lola (12yrs) designed my ring together and I cant believe she kept it a secret for so long. On my 30th birthday (6/23/18) in Carlsbad, …