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B & I :: 3-17-12 :: Wedding at the Ace Hotel, Palm Springs, CA

This was such a FUN wedding! B and I are from Chicago and chose the fabulous Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to host their wedding. The normally dry, hot desert was wet and rainy which changed and complicated some aspects of the wedding, but everyone was flexible and it made for a great day.

According to the bridesmaids (and bridesmate!) this wedding was about shoes. I would agree and go on to say it was also about color and enjoying life together. Click any of the photos to launch a full size viewer. Enjoy!

B and I also brought a polaroid camera (an Instax 210) to take pictures with personalized signs to send to their guests that couldn't make it to the wedding. With the extra film, we took some more pictures throughout the day and that has convinced me to buy one of these fantastic cameras and offer polaroids as an option to future couples!