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A First Look : Yay or Nay?

We've done weddings with first looks and without, and we can tell you that not only is the first look so much better for timeline purposes, it is also a really magical and beautiful moment! From our perspective the only downside of a first look is the loss of the "aisle moment." However, we address that and several other points below-- read on!

The Aisle Experience. It can be really intense - everyone's watching you, there's music playing, you have to walk a certain way, everyone's phones are out taking pictures and videos, and nerves are high... most brides and grooms get a "deer in the headlights” look, so they may find it difficult to show a lot of emotion in that moment. There's something about the pressure to have such an intimate moment in front of all those people that just gets to many of us and that will show through in your facial expressions. Often times we see grooms totally clam up, showing little to no emotion in an attempt not to break …

Josephine's 34th Birthday Party!

Details and candids from last month's incredible, colorful, 90's birthday party for Josephine's 34th! 

Incredible team of vendors:

Venue : Klik Studio
Designer & Florist: Sparkles and Vintage
Rentals: MTB Event Rentals
Linens: Luxe Linen
Bartending: Mobar & Co
Chargers & Goblets: Soiree8
Catering: Tastebuds Catering Inc
DJ: SoundWave Productions
Cake: Hansen Cakes
Cookies: Cake Creamery

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