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Photo Timing for Elopements/Mini Weddings

Here is how the photo timing breaks down for mini weddings/elopements!Ceremony — 20-30 minutesTypically for mini weddings or elopements, the first thing I will cover will be the ceremony. I show up a bit early to capture the details, set up and decor and then timing here totally depends on what type of ceremony you want to have! Non-religious, simple ceremonies are typically 20 minutes tops (even if you write your own vows!) whereas church weddings or Catholic Mass ceremonies are a full 60 minutes. 
Family Photos — 30 Minutes The timing here depends on the size of your family and guest count! We kindly ask that you restrict family photos to immediate family (grandparents, parents and siblings) but sometimes you have mixed families, divorces, re-marriages, half siblings and siblings with significant others and kids. Oh my! We will either interview you about your specific family needs or request you fill out our family information form and then we can build your custom shot list for your …

Value and Importance of a Wedding Planner

Hiring a wedding planner is THE BEST THING you can do for your wedding!We first started offering a discount last year when we noticed that weddings where we worked with a wedding planner or coordinator were more efficient, relaxed and fun!
Note that by “wedding planner/coordinator,” we mean someone that works for themselves or an independent company. A venue coordinator is great, but ultimately they work for the venue and are looking out for the venue’s best interests. A wedding coordinator will always be looking out for YOUR best interests. Please see this article for more about the huge difference between the two!

1. Planners are your advocate!
Wedding planners have amazing and reliable vendors they can recommend and will know who will work well together and keep your best interests at heart. They will recommend pros who will mesh well with your personality, budget, and style. As your wedding day approaches, your planner will begin to pull together all of your logistics. They will be th…

Photo Timing for your Wedding Day

Here is how the photo timing breaks down for longer wedding days!Eloping? Having a mini wedding? See this link! Getting Ready — 1.5-2 hours  The whole day begins with the details! You want to remember all the pretty things you picked out for this day (like grandma’s jewelry) and the shoes that might not be seen under your dress. We take extra care to style them to match the overall vibe and colors in your wedding- we always bring ribbon,  ring boxes and small details which make these photos shine.

HOT TIP: Put all these details in a box and designate a bridesmaid to keep track of it! That way you keep everything organized so you’re not scrambling to find your stuff when we arrive. Make sure you set aside your dress for easy access too!

What goes in the box: Shoes, Garter, Perfume, Jewelry, ALL wedding rings (engagement and wedding bands!), Veil, Something borrowed, etc., Any other things you want a picture of!

We do these detail photos while you are in hair and makeup, but if you want any …

Kiley & Matt :: 12/14/2019 :: Wedding in Agoura Hills

What a fun and colorful day it was for Kiley and Matt! The theme of the day centered around a wooded winter wonderland theme with touches of greenery, bright red florals and cozy romance! Their venue,The Lodge at Malibou Lakewas a forest setting to apply all their whimsical touches, planned, organized and pulled off flawlessly by the fabulousHolly Gray. We started out with Kiley's details and her getting ready on location in the upstairs bridal suite. After Kiley had donned her beautifully bohemian dress, and had some finishing touches by her bridesmaids, she and Matt shared a sweet first look. Next we met up with the fun bridal party for some portraits on the venue's lawn and then spent some time with Kiley and Matt, wandering in and around the trees. Their short and sweet ceremony followed and after some fun moments, laughter, exchange of rings, smashing of the glass and first shot, these two were officially married! After cocktail hour, some golden hour photos and some soci…