QUIZ: How many hours should I book a wedding photographer?

Hey friends! Congratulations on your engagement! I'm guessing you're either shopping around for your perfect photographer, you're trying to figure out your wedding timeline, or you are researching how many hours you're planning on having your photographer.

Well, you have come to the right place!

One of our favorite things is to help our couples with building their timeline for their wedding. We love helping you have the smoothes wedding ever - and we truly believe photography has a huge part in that. We are all about making sure couples enjoy their day because it really does fly by so very fast. This quiz will help you decide what's going to work best for your day and what makes the most sense for you!

Click the button below to take the quiz! Once you learn this score click "Next" on the score page or come back to this blog post to know what your score means!

Answer Key:

Thank you so much for taking the quiz! Your score shows the number of hours that you should book your photography/videography team. Pay attention to the number (Ex. 8/12). 8 is your score, not the percentage!

1-3 hours - You are looking for just the basics! The Elopement Package is perfect for you! Or if you are looking for something more inclusive, check out our elopement package with a coordinator, florist, officiant and cake!

4-5 hours - If you are looking for just the ceremony, a few formal photos and perhaps a few reception events covered, this amount of time is a great option. We don't have a formal package for this hourly range but a custom quote can be provided. We also offer an all inclusive elopement package with a coordinator, florist, officiant and cake for this level of coverage.

6-7 hours - The Essential Package is a great option if you are on a tighter budget. This is usually the base amount of coverage for most photographers. You still get all the good stuff captured: ceremony, formal photos, group photos, reception speeches and dances, but without the getting ready/detail photos or full reception coverage which you might not care about. This option comes with a discounted engagement session!

8 hours - The Essential Package is a commonly picked package. All the events covered without too many reception or getting ready photos, all with a bit more room to relax. It's a great option because it also includes a discounted engagement session!

9-10 hours - The Classic Package is our most common package because it gets you the full coverage of the day without packing it in so tightly. You get some breathing room and we all won't have to worry about rushing. That means you get time to enjoy your wedding! This is a solid choice if you want your whole day covered, but don't care about pictures when you exit your wedding reception. With this package, you get a FREE engagement session included!

11-12 hours - The highest end of The Classic Package is full coverage. You'll get your entire wedding day story captured with room for relaxation-- not rushing to get photos taken or moving onto the next thing. You can even get your grand exit covered and have plenty of time to enjoy the day without worrying about us running out of time with you. With this package, you get a FREE engagement session included!

All in all, there are lots of options! We can customize and tweak things here and there since every wedding day is unique. We want to make sure your love story is told in the best way so you can remember it forever. Your wedding day will go by lightning fast, and it is all up to you on how you want to spend it. For more breakdowns on how each section of a wedding goes, check out this post here for mini weddings/elopements and this one here for longer weddings.


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